Monday, 23 April 2012

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Must-See Solar Flare Explodes from Sun

Must-See Solar Flare Explodes from Sun

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Goldman Sachs 1Q results top Wall Street's view

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s first-quarter net income climbed as global markets strengthened but its investment banking business continued to struggle a bit and revenue from institutional client services declined.

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Monday, 16 April 2012

G-lab: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Zombie Maps, and Free Stuff!

This week: A new 7-inch ICS tablet from Samsung, Robbie tells us how to use Google Maps to escape the zombie hoards, and we give away a fancy handmade iPad case from Pen & Quill!

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Science Probes Why Tweets Go Viral

Whether it's a cat video or a news story, what is a Twitter post's likelihood to spread? The answer has more to do with the structure of the network and our limited attention spans than the content or author, says an Indiana University study.

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Sony Slaps Android on the Wrist

Sony on Thursday announced its SmartWatch Android smartphone accessory. The device, worn on the user's wrist, links to the user's smartphone through Bluetooth. It acts as an intermediary to let users perform simple functions on their smartphones. The SmartWatch works with most smartphones running Android version 2.1 or higher, Sony said.

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WD VelociRaptor 1TB 10K RPM SATA III Hard Drive Review

Although solid state drives have generated the lion’s share of buzz in the storage space these last few years, traditional hard drives with spinning media continue to be a mainstay of the industry and have evolved to offer higher capacities and more performance than ever before. Of course, even the fastest of today’s hard drives...

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Reading, humor and other areas of improvement

Reading and humor are two skills that, frankly, the kid could stand to work at a bit. We don’t drill lessons at home on either topic, because the she’s getting plenty of reading practice at school so at home we read to her instead, and comedy has to be honed on your own. I learned today that she’s making great strides on both fronts.. Andrew received a funny little book called “All My Friends Are Dead” for Christmas. It goes like this: You get the picture. We were pleasantly that this morning, the kiddo picked up the book and began reading it aloud on her own with relatively little struggling. [...]

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sauber duo disappointed with result

Sauber's drivers Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez both expressed disappointment after delivering just one point between the two of them in the Chinese Grand Prix, despite having starred at various points of the weekend. Kobayashi started the race from third of the grid after a stellar qualifying performance, while Perez led briefly for the second grand prix in succession

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Five Geek Projects

Five cool geek projects that could change your life. Or at the very least get you excited.

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Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality?s Path From Science Fiction to Future Fact

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Google Adds New Options for Viewing Data in Fusion Tables

Google is trying to popularize the somewhat obscure art of data visualization.

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Hotdog stuffed-crust pizza latest fast-food monstrosity

The U.S. might be the worldwide leader in fast food and fat people but British diners will get the first taste of Pizza Hut's new hotdog-stuffed-crust pizza. McDonald's McRib sandwich and KFC's Double Down, a sandwich made of fried chicken breasts surrounding bacon and cheese, made us the undisputed champs of frankenfoods but Pizza Hut U.K. just threw down the gauntlet.

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

From the forums: Is a Sprint LTE device worth it if I won't have LTE at launch?


Michael24j asks this in regards to the upcoming EVO 4G LTE, but it's just as relevant for phones like the LG Viper and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

With only five or so markets with LTE this summer, is it worth it?

I currently have the EVO 3D, (and the original EVO 4G) and have for almost two years gotten use to using 4G Wimax. However, I live in an area that probably will not be on a LTE rollout priority list anytime soon. Was wondering if anyone else out there is going to wait to buy this because you will have to return to Sprint's horribly slow 3G network or if you are planning on getting it regardless? I want the new stuff with the phone and really never use the EVO 3D, but I don't think I could live without 4G.

And that's a tough question a lot of folks are going to have to ask themselves. Stick with an older phone and continue to use Wimax (while it's still around, which will be a little while yet)? Or upgrade and wait on your township to get Sprint's new 4G LTE data while making do with 3G.

As a reminder, Sprint has announced Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Baltimore and Kansas City will be its first cities with 4G LTE. 

We tackled this one on this week's podcast. And the consensus among us was that it might be worth waiting a little bit. For as stoked as we are about the HTC One line -- and the upcoming EVO 4G LTE -- if you rely on Wimax data (or are just really, really used to having it), you'll likely be happier with what you've got now instead of waiting in the slow lane for LTE. Either way, here's to hoping Sprint expedites its LTE rollout. 

Should Michael24j wait? Are we crazy? Let us know in the EVO 4G LTE forums.

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Military May Be Gaslighting Sexual Assault Victims

Leave it to the US military to find a way to make sexual assault even more awful than it already is. CNN reports that, according to testimony from a number of women across all branches of the armed forces, that women who allege sexual assault are often given a psychiatric diagn …

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Deadly shooting revives concerns about USC's neighborhood

Police suspect that a lone gunman shot two USC graduate students early Wednesday, possibly during a robbery attempt. Although crime has fallen, perceptions that the area is dangerous persist.

It started as a typical evening for Ming Qu and Ying Wu, two graduate students from China studying electrical engineering at USC.

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A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Apr. 14

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Skyscraper Rescue Shows Clash of N.Y. Police and Fire Depts.

Police and Fire Department emergency responders took two different approaches as three men dangled in the air from safety harnesses.

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Skynet Espionage Begins: Unmanned Drone Creates 3D Models

New software from Autodesk lets you use regular pictures to create 3D models.

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James Cameron Denies Shooting 'Avatar 2' Footage During Dive

'If they think of you first as a filmmaker, then all of the exploration stuff must be so that you can be a better filmmaker,' he tells MTV News.
By Kevin P. Sullivan, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

James Cameron
Photo: MTV News

When James Cameron returned from his record-breaking deep-sea dive to the Mariana Trench, many people assumed the expedition must have been for a movie, most likely "Avatar 2," which is said to involve the oceans of Pandora.

But Cameron, when he spoke with MTV News, insisted that is simply not the case. "Completely spurious rumor. People try to connect the dots, right? If they think of you first as a filmmaker, then all of the exploration stuff must be so that you can be a better filmmaker. Wrong conclusion," he said. "That's like [saying] 'A frog with no legs is deaf.' "

The director said the two aspects of his life are connected, but not in a way the rumors suspected. "The correct conclusion is I do the movies to pay for the expeditions, so every once in a while, I have to come back to make a movie," Cameron said. "It's pretty much that simple."

Even with films planned for the immediate future, Cameron doesn't seem that worried about his explorations getting in the way. "I think the studio execs that want another 'Avatar' film are probably more concerned than I am," he said.

Cameron's trips to the bottom of the ocean are admittedly dangerous, and he spoke openly about the potential risks involved with that kind of exploration. "I would say watch out for implosion. When a pressure vessel implodes at that kind of pressure, it does so at supersonic speed," he said. "There are things worse, though, like coming up outside of the search area, because you're bolted into the sub. You're going down pretty far. It's possible to come partway up, get moved 25 miles in a current before you come all the way up. That would be bad."

According to Cameron, that kind of morbid thinking is what prevents actual tragedies from occurring. "You could freeze to death at the bottom, you could have a fire inside the sphere and asphyxiate — all kinds of bad stuff. The reason you get morbid is by going through all the scenarios ahead of time, you're doing the engineering to prevent them and you create all the procedures to prevent them," Cameron said. "It's basically what NASA does. You list every single thing that could go wrong, and then you do everything you can to have that not happen."

As for where Cameron hopes to explore next, he said the ocean will keep him busy for the foreseeable future. "We have a vehicle now that can go, by definition, to anywhere in any ocean in the world. If it can go to the deepest place in the Challenger Deep, 65,000 feet down, it can go anywhere else," he said. "There's so much yet to be explored. That's an unknown continent on our planet. Think about Google. You can basically call up a satellite photograph of some hill in the Congo in seconds, but you can't do that underwater. I could be exploring down there for the next whatever."

Check out everything we've got on "Avatar 2."

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