Saturday, 31 March 2012

Five Action Heroes Justin Bieber Should Punk

by Fallon Prinzivalli Much to every celebrity's chagrin, "Punk'd" is back. This time around Hollywood's A-listers are turning on each other as Ashton Kutcher relinquishes his role as Prank King to a different celeb every week. Justin Bieber hosted last night's premiere bringing Taylor Swift to tears when she thought she destroyed a wedding, and [...]

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Not Just for Kids: 'I Hunt Killers' by Barry Lyga

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Armie Hammer's 'Mirror Mirror' Prince Is 'A Man-Child'

'Hopefully, he contains a few more dimensions than just 'Prince Charming,' ' actor tells MTV News.
By Kara Warner

Armie Hammer
Photo: MTV News

If you've seen the action-packed trailer for "Mirror Mirror" — one of two Snow White-themed movies coming out this year — you're aware that the visually appealing, Tarsem-directed, family-friendly film is a new spin on the classic tale.

When the flick hits theaters Friday, audiences will see a feisty, independent young princess played by Lily Collins, Oscar-winner Julia Roberts showing off a rarely seen evil side and, of course, a handsome Prince Charming played by Armie Hammer. But don't think for a minute that you'll be seeing a stereotypical prince. MTV News recently caught up with the "Social Network" star to discuss the character's atypical traits.

"He's not drawn on the page, which is one of the first things that makes him slightly different," Hammer joked about the character's animated inspirations. "He's a little bit more of a man-child and a little bit more of a kid trying to find his place in the world as a prince, [wondering] why is he a prince and stuff like that. Hopefully, he contains a few more dimensions than just 'Prince Charming.' "

Multi-dimensional or not, there is a certain dreamboat factor required of the actor playing him, which Hammer was happy to joke about when we asked him just how dreamy the character would be. "How dreamy is he? Dreeea-my," Hammer promised us in May 2011. "Let's just say, they're going to have to change the rating," he joked, before getting serious to talk about the reason he signed onto the project: director Tarsem Singh.

"[Tarsem] is one of the reasons I signed on to do this," Hammer revealed. "The idea of playing Prince Charming wasn't really exciting — it kind of sounds more nerdy than anything else — but then they're like, 'Tarsem's doing it,' and I'm like, 'Done. You want me to play a trash can? I'll do it to be in this movie.' " Hammer added that he's a big admirer of Tarsem's work, and joked that he'd be taking plenty of notes during filming.

Check out everything we've got on "Mirror Mirror."

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Controversial Pesticide Linked to Bee Collapse

A controversial type of pesticide linked to declining global bee populations appears to scramble bees' sense of direction, making it hard for them to find home. Starved of foragers and the pollen they carry, colonies produce fewer queens, and eventually collapse.

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Google self-driving car chauffeurs legally blind man

Google demonstrates how its high-tech, tricked-out Prius can operate autonomously by bringing a blind man to the shopping center.

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Friday, 30 March 2012

The Woodlands Preparatory School celebrate Go Texas Day

Students at The Woodlands Preparatory School celebrated "Go Texas Day" with costumes, artifacts and photo opportunities. The school is located at 27440 Kuykendahl Road, Tomball.

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Inky Poster Can Actually Lay Down the Funk

A poster at this year's SXSW could play music with just a touch.

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'Anchorman 2': Our Cameo Wish List

Break out the scotchy scotch scotch: San Diego's favorite newsman is returning to the airwaves. Will Ferrell—as alter ego Ron Burgundy—appeared on Wednesday's "Conan" to report breaking news, namely that the once-scrapped "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" sequel is now officially a go at Paramount, presumably with co-stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd returning [...]

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Citroen sure running first will be best

Citroen team principal Yves Matton has explained Citroen's decision to run first on the road on Rally of Portugal, stating that the fear of his drivers dropping time in the dust outweighed the potential for the road cleaning. Mikko Hirvonen will open the road tomorrow evening, with World Rally Championship leader Sebastien Loeb directly behind him in the sister DS3 WRC.

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Word of Mouth: 'Wrath' tries to right 'Clash's' 3-D wrongs

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hundreds of thousands take to Spain's streets at the end of a General Strike; nearly 400 demonstrations held, violence seen in a few

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in the cities of Spain on Thursday night as the culmination of a day of General Strike action. There were a total of 381 demonstrations.
Unions claimed they had 77% support the General Strike which they say reached 97% in industry.  …

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New Plastic Mimics Skin's Ability to Bleed, Heal

When scratched or cracked, the plastic turns red at the damaged area and then heals when exposed to light or significant changes in ambient temperature or pH.

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PlayStation 4 is Code-Named 'Orbis,' May Restrict Second-Hand Games

Games for Sony's next-generation console would be accessible only on brand new discs or as downloads from the PlayStation Network, according to a report.

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Regal Cinemas, country?s largest theater chain, will play 'Bully'

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Wallpaper Wednesday's - Out of Focus, Grass Macro & Industrial Night View

out of focus
Night Industrial Park Grass Macro

Sometimes changing the look at feel of your device is as easy as just simply changing your wallpaper. Whether you are a fan of abstract art, landscape photos or just a simple logo, odds are that we have something for you in our Android Wallpaper Gallery. If you haven't seen the gallery yet then you are missing out on some pretty awesome wallpapers that others have uploaded, and even worse is that you haven't shared your favorites with us.

Luckily sharing wallpapers with the rest of the Android Central community only requires a couple of clicks, and then everyone can enjoy them. Be sure to check that you are logged in when uploading these so we can give you proper credit for the greatness you share with us. Browsing the gallery is a breeze, you can browse the top downloads, the newest uploads or even have them randomly displayed. Each week we will showcase some of the top uploads here on the front page, so how about sharing a few with us?


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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Alonso: Sepang win changes nothing

Fernando Alonso said his shock Malaysian Grand Prix victory "changes nothing" and that Ferrari still faces a huge amount of work to be fully competitive in normal circumstances. Alonso came through from eighth on the grid to beat Sauber's Sergio Perez to victory in the rain-affected Sepang race. While delighted with the result, Alonso underlined that it did not mean Ferrari had conquered its problems.

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Stoneman to join F2 Silverstone test

2010 Formula 2 champion Dean Stoneman will continue his recovery from testicular cancer by returning to the series for the first of its two pre-season tests at Silverstone on Wednesday 28 March. The Briton won the 2010 crown following a season-long battle with Jolyon Palmer, his six wins and 13 podiums enough to earn him the prize Williams F1 test drive.

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Madonna replied to Deadmau5

Yesterday Deadmau5 went on Facebook and called Madonna a “fucking idiot” for promoting the use of ecstasy, then implied that she’s a irrelevant has-been who just parrots what everyone else says and does so people today will still think she’s “cool”.
But clearly that’s not the case, so she went on twitter to [...]

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8 Things Tablets Still Can't Do

Have we really entered a post-PC world? The new Apple iPad and its tablet rivals still come up short on a few important measures.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stocktrek Curates Image Collection of Military Working Dogs to Showcase Essential Role of Canines in U.S. Military

Military working dogs are the unsung heroes of the military, having been used by the armed forces since World War I. Stocktrek is pleased to have put together an unparalleled stock photo collection built specifically around these heroic canines. Daily military dog duties may include trips to entry control points, basic patrolx, maneuver and mobility support operations, search and rescue, main supply route security and mandatory training. While on the site, visitors will also find a large array of other stock photography specific to the military including fighter planes, naval forces, artillery, tanks and a plethora of other pictures. Exclusive deals, news and updates regarding Stocktrek can be found on these social media platforms. Stocktrek Images is a stock photography agency specializing in imagery of military forces, space exploration, dinosaurs, volcanic activity and underwater photography. In addition to licensing rights managed and royalty free stock photos and illustration, Stocktrek also provides customers with the capability to purchase any images as a print or poster.

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Samsung's Android tablet/smartphone hybrid will debut in mid-February

AT T says it will begin pre-sales of Samsung's Galaxy Note mini-tablet/smartphone on Feb. 17 for $300 plus contract. To be hyped during the Super Bowl via video shot on its own eight megapixel camera, the Android 2.3-based gadget features a 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz, dual-core processor, and a stylus....

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Mobile Search Face-Off: Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo

We put three Android mobile search apps from Bing, Google, and Yahoo to the test to find out which one delivers the most useful information on shopping, movies, restaurants, general search, and more.

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Sandusky showed "pedophile pattern" in '98, psychologist report says, but another conflicts

Jerry Sandusky's behavior exhibited a "pedophile's pattern of building trust," a psychologist told police in 1998 after interviewing one of the former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach's alleged victims.

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'Hunger Games': Five Best Scenes Not In The Movie

We recognize the big-screen adaptation's time constraints, but we missed these moments from the book.
By Fallon Prinzivalli

Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games"
Photo: Lionsgate

Translating a novel into a Hollywood blockbuster is not an easy task. Since there is limited time, a lot of the juicy tidbits get lost in translation. With a book as popular as "The Hunger Games," fan criticism lurks at every turn and the screenwriters are careful to include as many of the beloved scenes as possible.

Luckily, the adaptation of the book to the big screen left this weekend's moviegoers extremely pleased. While we are understanding of the time constraints — the movie is already over two hours — there were a few key "Hunger Games" book scenes we would have loved to see in the film.

Wanna win a Hunger Games special edition HP laptop from MTV News? Click here to enter!

For those of you who have yet to read the book, there are spoilers ahead. (Also, what are you waiting for?! If you enjoyed the movie, the book will fill in all the missing details.) From Haymitch's drunken fall to District 11's respect for Katniss to Katniss' fight to get back to Peeta, here are our picks for the five key scenes from the book not in the movie:

Haymitch Falling Offstage at the Reaping
From the start of the Reaping scene with Prim stopped dead in her tracks to the end when Katniss is escorted to her holding room, the audience is left shaking in their seats. Katniss volunteering in place of Prim saw quite a few audience members already in tears too. In the novel, before Effie begins her infamous "Happy Hunger Games!" speech, there is a quick scene where Haymitch is so drunk he falls off the stage. It adds a little comic relief to his introduction, but it also sets up the mentor's troubled state and shows the effect the Games had on him years later as a grown man.

Peeta's Father Bringing Katniss Cookies
In the book, before Katniss and Peeta board the train for the Capitol, Katniss gets a surprise visitor: Peeta's dad, the District 12 baker, brings her a plate of cookies and informs her that he'll make sure Prim is eating. It's a touching gesture that confuses Katniss at first. She is familiar with Mr. Mellark because he buys the squirrels she hunts in the woods, but he has no obligation to her or her family. Katniss comes to believe it is because everyone merely tolerates her but they cannot help but love innocent, friendly Prim. The scene sets the audience up for Katniss' distrust of Peeta throughout the book.

District 11 Sending Katniss Bread
The District 11 uprising after Rue's death in the movie adaptation is absent from the novel. In lieu of this scene, Katniss is sent a sponsor gift containing a loaf of bread. During their training before the Games, Peeta explained to Katniss the different types of bread in each district, and Katniss immediately recognizes the loaf as coming from District 11. In recognition of the gift, she says a thank you to the district out loud. While the movie scene shows the power Katniss already possesses against the Capitol, the book scene slowly sets up the other districts' willingness to trust her.

Katniss Telling Peeta the Story of Prim's Goat
While Katniss attempts to nurse Peeta back to health — to no avail, as his leg gets worse — a feverish Peeta asks her to tell him a story. Knowing that the Capitol and Gamemakers are listening to every word, she leaves out the details of her and Gale hunting in the woods and tells him the story of how she bought Prim's goat, Lady. After selling a young buck at the Hob, Katniss has enough money to buy Prim a nice birthday present. She passes on a hairbrush and cloth for a dress in favor of an injured goat. Prim loves animals, and with her mother's help, they were able to nurse Lady back to health. The milk from the goat helped the Everdeens survive after their father's death. Katniss' ability to open up to Peeta adds to the love-triangle dynamic. The more Katniss reveals about herself to Peeta, the more she starts to care for him and vice versa, whereas Gale was around to experience these moments with her.

Katniss Screaming for Peeta After the Games
One of the more powerful scenes in the book comes when Katniss and Peeta are airlifted out of the arena and onto a hover craft. Katniss sees Peeta being taken away, but at the time, she is unaware of the reason. As they are separated, Katniss begins pounding on a glass door while screaming Peeta's name. While the audience is left to wonder whether Katniss is really in love with Peeta, this scene shows that, regardless of whether it was all an act, she cares about him. Later on, this scene is replayed in front of the Capitol during an interview with Caesar Flickerman and shows that the star-crossed-lovers act just might save her life — at least for now.

What did you think of The Hunger Games? Give us your review on Facebook!

Check out everything we've got on "The Hunger Games."

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Monday, 26 March 2012

GameStorm: Day 3 (And a Half)

Well, GameStorm is now over, all my board games are back on the shelves and I’ve caught up on my emails from the past three days, but it’ll take me a little more time to write up my experiences of the weekend. For one thing, I’m exhausted. GameStorm has 24-hour gaming in some rooms, and [...]

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Skeltrack: Tracking the Human Skeleton With Kinect

Skeltrack, an open source skeletal tracking library for Microsoft?s Kinect, builds a model of your ?skeleton? that it can follow in real time.

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