Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stocktrek Curates Image Collection of Military Working Dogs to Showcase Essential Role of Canines in U.S. Military

Military working dogs are the unsung heroes of the military, having been used by the armed forces since World War I. Stocktrek is pleased to have put together an unparalleled stock photo collection built specifically around these heroic canines. Daily military dog duties may include trips to entry control points, basic patrolx, maneuver and mobility support operations, search and rescue, main supply route security and mandatory training. While on the site, visitors will also find a large array of other stock photography specific to the military including fighter planes, naval forces, artillery, tanks and a plethora of other pictures. Exclusive deals, news and updates regarding Stocktrek can be found on these social media platforms. Stocktrek Images is a stock photography agency specializing in imagery of military forces, space exploration, dinosaurs, volcanic activity and underwater photography. In addition to licensing rights managed and royalty free stock photos and illustration, Stocktrek also provides customers with the capability to purchase any images as a print or poster.

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