Thursday, 15 March 2012

Father mourns infant daughter, allegedly killed by his brother

"Because she's an angel," Rodriguez, 28, said, explaining why he picked the dress. On Tuesday, Selvin quietly waited on a sofa in an east Houston funeral home with his wife, Rosalba Beltran, to finalize details of the funeral for his daughter, a little girl who shared his almond-shaped eyes, a little girl he had held in his arms only once. The couple had stopped by the funeral home to drop off a long-sleeved white shirt for Alexa to wear under her dress and a pink hat to cover her head. Funeral home personnel told them the infant's arms and head were so badly bruised, they needed to be covered for the service. Beltran said her brother-in-law even lived with the couple for a short time and remembers him often playing soccer with the neighborhood children, who were very fond of him. Court records state that Javier, now charged with capital murder, struck her head against an unknown object on Feb. 27. Four months later, a stunned Selvin received messages on his cellphone from his brother with pictures of a newborn Alexa. The funeral parlor was quiet, apart from the steady ticking of a grandfather clock.

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